• Adam Sowers - Central Florida

    Business Owner, Certified Google AdWords Professional, Graphic, Mobile & Web Designer / Developer, Entrepreneur, Internet Media / Web-Technology Expert & Solutionist

Internet Media / Web-Technology Services


Looking for a custom design service? I can handle everything from print to web! Business cards, logos / icons, flyers, banners, cd covers / inserts / labels, corporate branding, stationary, and more!


My custom development services have what seem to be an endless amount of service-applications. Custom websites / functions / additions / extensions / platforms / processes and really so much more!


As a Google AdWords Certifiied Professional I am more than confident in my ability to efficiently and successfully optimize and/or manage your online marketing efforts or present some great options for you.


As a webmaster I am extremely fluent with various levels and types of optimizatio including but not limited to: Website Speed Optimization, and various Basic - Advanced SEO Practices.

About Me
My "Brief" Introduction

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website!

Broad Scope: I'm an Internet Media Specialist & Web-Technology Expert.

In Detail: I'm a Certified Google AdWords Professional, a Graphic, Web, & Mobile Designer / Developer, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, & Solutionist.

I have 14+ years of experience in this industry, doing everything from graphic, web and mobile design / development to email marketing, search engine optimization, marketing and more, see - Technical Experience.

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My Certifications

* Google Analytics
* Google AdWords: Search, Mobile, Video, Shopping, & Display

View My Certifications from Google: https://www.google.com/partners/#i_profile;idtfS=112842775427017198215

Skillset & Qualifications

I've had the wonderful opportunity to develop / expand my tecnical abilities / skillset through a sincere dedication and passion to and for the work that I do. The following details outline my primary technical abilities / skills and are based on my experience working in this industry for the past 14+ years. I've also included some insightful details about my qualifications and education.

The following list is not complete.


Mac & PC

Application Software

Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign, Premier), Microsoft (Excel, Office, PowerPoint, Word), Android Studio, Eclipse, Filezilla, Forms2Go

Code / Programming

HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, JSON

Content Management

Drupal, Magento, OS Commerce, WordPress

Email Marketing

Automation, Drip Campaigns, IP Whitelisting, List Segmentation, Constant Contact, MailChimp


AdMob, AdSense, AdWords, Analytics, DoubleClick, Local / Maps, Web Master Tools

Additional Experience

Advanced Analytics Reporting, Basic - Advanced SEO Practices, Conversion-Optimization, Copywriting, Cross-Browser Compatibility, Keyword Research & Analysis, Mobile App Design / Development, OAuth, Responsive Design, Social Networks (API's, Apps, Layout Designs, & Marketing): Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Soundcloud, Twitter, YouTube

Server Environments

Apache, Linux, Windows

Current Projects

I am constantly working on something! If I'm not wrapping something up, I'm starting something new! I'm consistently challenging myself and practing, always learning.
For the last year or so I have been more than consumed with these projects. As a "one man show" things can be extremely challenging. Trust me, if I had the resources I'd be cloning myself or hiring help.

Legit Merch

New & Revolutionary Consumer-Retail & Online-Merchandise Network, Platform, & Solution.

SweetCMS, Custom Content Management System

This is a custom content-management-system that I have been developing over the last two years or so. When I have clients that need a way to update their website I always integrate my own CMS with their project rather than using one of the popular ones like WordPress, Joomla, etc (unless otherwise requested).

Over the last two years I've developed various custom additions / modules for my CMS for a variety of clients and applications. When I first began developing my CMS the goal was to have something that I could more easily compile for each of my clients specific wants / needs / budget - that at the same time made everything very easy for them to manage, without having to learn some new system. Everything for the most part is self-explanatory. No complicated configuration, no plugins going out of date, no messy code, just simple and to the point! Did I mention the latest stage of the SweetCMS is completely responsive!!? Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Friendly!

Mobile Apps

I have a few mobile applications that are currently available on both Google Play (for Android Devices) and iTunes (for Apple Devices).


SEO-Suite is the perfect app to help you analyze & optimize your website! It includes over 30 tools to monitor your website, run checkups, create reports, check on your competition and much more!
This app is for anyone who's looking to optimize their website, run checkups, or monitor their competition. We've included many features within the app that range from simple checkups to more advanced analysis.

Available on: Google Play

Legit Merch

New & Revolutionary Consumer-Merchandise & Online-Retail Network, Platform, & Solution.

Available on: Google Play

Blown Away, Pothole Repairs

With this mobile app users are able to upload pictures of potholes for a quick and easy hassle-free quote and repair process from Blown Away, USA. Quotes are delivered via email and include a special link that enables the user to review the estimate, and accept / sign online.

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

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